Welcome to the first Author’s Blog of J.S. Eaton

Hello and welcome to my first blog post. I am  J.S. Eaton, author of the Aeonith series. Thank you for stopping by to read my first posting.Who is J.S. Eaton, you ask? Well, I am a forty-something husband-father-son-brother, etc..I’m into sci-fi and fantasy, love to watch old TV shows(Currently Miami Vice, Netflix Rules!) and movies(both new and old). I never grew out of my love for video games, am especially looking forward to Guild Wars 2. So how did this very average sounding guy wind up trying to write his own fantasy series?

To sum it up in one sentence, I had to. I’d felt for years something was missing from life, but I couldn’t imagine what it might be. I had a good job(it pays well, at any rate), a loving family, had God(I’m a Christian), plenty of hobbies to occupy my spare time, but still I felt, well, unfulfilled. And here’s where it gets really sad. I actually knew the answer all along, or, should have anyway.

I discovered my love for writing at the tender age of seventeen. It was an English class assignment, write a short story. BORING. I was an American teenager, the last thing I wanted to be doing was wasting time writing stories when I could be dragging town, chasing girls. Well, I didn’t want to get a zero either, so I took a deep breath and just  got it over with. But as I sat there forming a story that would get me a passing grade, as well as allow me to finish in the shortest time possible, I found that I really enjoyed the process of creating. And when I was finished, I had something I was actually very proud of. It got me an A too, as I recall. 🙂

Well that was the sign of what my direction in life should have been, sure wish I’d been paying attention! But I wasn’t, once it was done, I was finished, after all my friends were calling, and there girls out there. No time for the future now. Suddenly, before I knew what happened, it was twenty years later, and I had gone down the wrong road in life. Not that I regret having the wife and family, I love them dearly and would not trade them for ANYTHING. But now that I’ve found a work that truly fulfills me, I find myself wanting it to be my one and only profession. I’m working hard at making that a reality, make no mistake. And someday(soon), Lord willing, it will be. ‘Till then, I’ll still be chugging along the best I can, until my dreams of authorship finally come true.

Speaking of chugging along, I’m polishing up the second book in the Aeonith series, titled Journey to a Mystery. Hop on over to Aeonith.com to see what it, and the world of Aeonith, are all about.

Well, that’s it for the first Author’s Blog of new author J.S. Eaton. Thanks for reading. Be sure to tune in next time for Adventures in Stumbling, or What’s That Smell?

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