J.S. Eaton’s Blog Post Part II-The Revenant Strikes Back

Hello and welcome back to another Blog. I am your host J.S. Eaton. I realize the title may be a little strange for anyone who hasn’t read the Aeonith novel(s), but you could fix that by picking one up today! It’s good to be back, seeing as how I like writing things and all. 🙂 I have some great news for Aeonith fans everywhere, Book Two of The Legend of Tscon Lightbringer series is imminent. I anticipate release as soon as next week! Sweet! Speaking of new characters, head on over to Aeonith.com and check out the new entries. You might just find a clue about the next story :/
Also, the Nook version of A Redemption is now ready for purchase and download, just follow the link on the website. Additionally, there is an e-book version of A Redemption now available on E-Reading site Smashwords, also linkable from Aeonith.com.
Although work on Book Three of Tscon Lightbringer is indeed in full swing, I’ve begun work on another project, so please forgive me if site updates suddenly slow down. Make no mistake about it, Aeonith is my first love(literarilly, is that a word, I should know shouldn’t I) though and I have so much more to write, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the depth and complexity of that world. Trust me, as Leng says.
Thanx again so much for reading, and as always Good Luck and God Bless!

Tune in next time for, Why are you doing this to me, or You can’t park that here!

J.S. Eaton

See  you in the Future!

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