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Hello and Welcome to a special edition of J.S. Eaton’s Author’s Blog.
Today marks the release of the second book of the Aeonith series, titled Journey to a Mystery. This is the second book in the Legend of Tscon Lightbringer series, of which there will be three. In this book, Tscon returns to the Order to face judgement for his past deeds, making new friends and losing old ones along the way. And when he gets to his destination, he finds something incredible, something he could never have anticipated.
Well, it’s finally out, my second book ever. I sincerely hope everyone who reads it enjoys the story as much as I do. Besides furthering the story of our intrepid monk, Journey also gives us some more insight into his female companion Naeid. Leng’s story takes an unexpected turn as well, but I won’t spoil that here.
The website also been updated with some new entries in the Important people section, as well as a new map, and details on more of the kingdoms that make up the lands of Bordelon. Don’t forget to stop by the Blue Mermaid too, and check out the new cartoon 🙂 The website entries will loosly follow our intrepid monk, so look for more info on the people and places in northern Bordelon, as well as important events in Aeonith’s history.

Work continues on Book Three, as does all the other work it takes to keep a family going 🙂 There are big things in the future for Aeonith, so stay tuned for future updates to the website.
That’s it for now, have a Great Day and God Bless. And thanx to everyone who’s supported me in my artistic endeavor, without you, it simply would not be possible.  SAAALLUTE!!! 🙂

Be sure to tune in next time for My Foot’s Asleep, or I Should have Left that Alone.

See You in the Future,

J.S. Eaton

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