Blog to the Future

Greetings all, and welcome to another JS blog post. It’s been a while. Well, Book Two is out, and so far everyone’s really enjoyed it. Journey to a Mystery continues the story of our heroic monk as he struggles to make amends with his troubled past. With him as always in Naeid, and Leng, plus a few new friends, and an unexpected ending to his journey. I’ve heard from more than one person that it’s better than the first one.  I can only hope, as that means my writing is improving, which is the ultimate goal. The first draft of Book Three is almost done, which means we’re one step closer to reaching the final leg in Tscon’s story(or is it?). I’ve almost finalized the title, which I’ll be sharing here first, so stay tuned. I’ll have alot to do in the near future, with work and life being crazy like they are, but rest assured I’m working a little every day to get more Aeonith stories out there for everyone. I’ll have a new update for the website soon as well, probably in the next few days(probably). This time I’ll be adding the history of a much-referred to event from the books, The Great Shadow War. There’ll also be a new cartoon, plus more so stay tuned to the site for it all. I’ve also done some more work on my non-Aeonith project, but that’s not ready for any big announcements yet, but it will be soon! Trust me, as Leng would say. Anywho, as always, thanks for reading, God Bless you all.

Tune in next time for How did THAT get in there or, Better give me three drinks!

See You in the Future,

J.S. Eaton