The End is Nigh!!!

Haha, the End is Nigh!!

Hey all! J.S. here. No, not THE end of course. The end of the long wait. FOR BOOK THREE!. Yes that’s right, revisions on Book Three are FINALLY done! One step closer to that great day, Publication!! Can’t say exactly what day that will be, but I think I can safely say it’ll be before the end of the year, and hopefully before Christmas! Anywho, in honor of getting my stuff together, and for everyone’s patience while I try to get this story together, I’ve decided to post something special. No, it’s not the whole first chapter, like I promised last post, but it is an excerpt from Book Three. Enjoy!!!

Tscon waited a good fifteen or twenty minutes for his female companions to emerge from the Blue Mermaid. He was just down the street, exactly as they’d agreed, and he kept his eye on the entrance. He saw very few passersby that morning, and fortunately no guards, as he waited anxiously. At last, the girls came out, looked up and down the street, and upon seeing him, began to move in his direction.
“Something was wrong with that innkeeper this morning.” Naeid commented as they approached the waiting monk. Tscon let a knowing smile cross his lips, and she caught it. She bowed her head slightly, looking right at him. “What’d you say to him?”
“Nothing really. I just commented on how well I slept in his room.”
“Uh, huh.” was her answer. “That man was so nervous he dropped the glass he was cleaning when we came down the stairs, because you complimented his room. Ya, sure he did. When you’re ready to tell us the rest of it, let me know.”
“Okay”, was Tscon’s only reply. He began to walk down the street. Daenna shrugged her shoulders and fell in behind him. Naeid however, didn’t move a muscle. When Tscon had gotten a few feet away and she still hadn’t moved, he stopped and turned slightly, doing his best to hide his grin. He should have used more effort, as it wasn’t hidden very well.
“Uh, I kind of meant, like, now.” Naeid said when he finally turned to face her.
“O no, that was it, really.” He turned back around, just before the grin went across his entire face. Tscon rolled his eyes at himself, he was so terrible at lying.
Naeid waited another minute before she moved or spoke. Finally she started toward them, obviously exasperated with Tscon’s little ruse.
“So you’re not going to tell us. Lovely. Well that’s fine, keep it to yourself, but don’t expect me to actually believe that nonsense.”
Naeid walked right past Tscon and Daenna, even though the two of them were already walking at a pretty good pace. Daenna looked back and forth, first at Naeid, then over at Tscon, then back to Naeid. She motioned for Tscon to lean down toward her.
“I think she likes you.” Daenna said when Tscon had leaned over far enough for her to whisper it. He smiled, looked at Daenna, then looked down. Tscon knew she did, but he also knew there was very little chance in their being together. Daenna smiled at him, as if to offer him some kind of hope, then both of them hurried their steps to catch up with Naeid, who was way ahead of them by now.

Well there it is, hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for next post, entitled Oww, that’s my foot, or If it’s not┬á yours, leave it alone.


We’ll be back, right after these Messages…

Greetings and Salutations to all. I sincerely hope everything has been going well for you all since my last post. So far, I haven’t been able to find any good Thanksgiving poems, but I’ll continue to look. Maybe I should write my own ­čÖé If anyone knows of a good one, leave a link to it in the comment section and I’ll be happy to put it up.┬á Today’s post contains a special announcement, so read on!

I know I’ve been slow in updating the Aeonith website lately, things around here are hectic, as usual, but trust that I am still working hard to bring and keep the world of Aeonith alive and well in everyone’s imagination! To that end, I’ve posted a new Short Story, titled The Legend of Ghuise. Everyone who’s read A Redemption will remember the name of the haunted little village that our courageous monk visited.

And here’s today’s special announcement- The title of Book Three in the Legend of Tscon Lightbringer series has been finalized, and here it is:


This will be the most exciting installment yet, and a great conclusion to the our favorite monk’s story. The story this time will cross the length and breath of northern Bordelon as he races to uncover what’s been happening to his beloved Order. Expect the unexpected at every turn, as he finds nearly as many questions as he does answers. He’ll meet new people, and see some exotic places. Work progresses on finalizing the book, however I’m not yet ready to announce a release date yet. But rest assured that when it is ready, you’ll learn about it here first! **SPECIAL** -If I get twenty comments below about Book three, I’ll post the first chapter in a special section on the website! How do you like that??!

Anywho, got to go work on it now, so everyone take care, and as always, Thanks for Reading!

Stay tuned next time for What did I just step in, or, Who let the cat slip the bag?