Of a Woman — A Poem

Hello friends and readers. Well, I’ve got something new for you today, a poem I wrote. It’s not long, but I like it. It says everything I believe about women. If you like it, leave a comment. Enjoy!!!

Of a Woman

The name of a woman

says to me

all the wonderful things

that she can be

A mother, a daughter

a lover, a friend

who stands by your side

to whatever end

In the sight of a woman

does heaven unfold

Her curves tell a beauty

of ecstasy untold

Her shape enraptures

My heartbeat grows fast

Her form is perfection

Forever will last

The smell of a woman

is a beautiful morn

Her delicate beauty

in natural form

Her scent is a blessing

as a cool summer rain

Her fragrance inviting

but never in vain

The touch of a woman

is a wonderful thing

She makes my soul smile

My heart starts to sing

When her hand is in mine

None else do I need

Ne’er let her go

Is all I do plead

The voice of a woman

is music sublime

Hypnotic, erotic

Without form or time

She extolls her virtue

with every word

I listen enthralled

Every syllable heard

The kiss of a woman

is ecstasy pure

warm and inviting

bold yet demure

Her soft lips do speak

of the love in her soul

Pure and unsullied

Her passion extolled

The love of a woman

means everything

our lives are for naught

if her heart does not sing

Love her and cherish

each day that you live

For the love of a woman

whose heart she doth give

J.S. Eaton



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