Heh, ya I just made that word up. It’s a form of imminent, I think. Anyway, it means something’s about to happen. The Legend of Tscon Lightbringer Book Three. I’ll be proofing it this week, and letting my team of experts take a crack at it, and then when all the bugs are worked out, Publication! So hang on, the next part of the legendary monk’s adventure is closer than ever!

While we’re on the subject of Aeonith, I should probably let you all know that the Aeonith website has been updated, with more lands, people, places and events detailed. Look closely, and you’ll find some hints about the next book will be about! What is it, you ask? Well, all I can say at this point, is that it takes place ten years before the adventures of our illustrious monk, and it concerns a different part of Bordelon than we’re used too! Stay tuned!

In addition to writing my own material, I’ve started reading again. The book at this point is the fifth of legendary author George RR Martin’s famous epic, A Song of Ice and Fire. The title of the book is A Dance with Dragons. For those not familiar with this series, it begins with a little book(little is a pun intended, it’s like a thousand words long) called A Game of Thrones. It’s a sprawling epic, covering a wide swath of land, and a huge cast of characters. They’re literally some of the largest books I’ve ever read, but they’re awesome. Martin’s fantasy is very gritty, dark, and realistic, if such a term can be applied to this genre. The first book actually holds very few fantastical things. As the story has progressed though, more extraordinary people and events have cropped up. Still, it’s all done with an excellent style. I’ve immensely enjoyed them so far. Settle in for along read if you want to get started on them though, there’s five books so far, and they’re all about a thousand pages or more. Whew that’s a lot of words.

Well, That’s all I have for now, before I go I’ll leave you with another excerpt from The New Master, just to tide you over. Enjoy! Stay tuned next time for, How did that get in here, or, What smells like feet?

See you in the Future,

J.S. Eaton

“What’s going to happen to Daenna?”

“That is up to the Forest. My impression is you are an honorable person, and so your companion probably is as well, in any case the Forest will know for sure. If she is indeed a good soul, the Forest will no doubt wish to help, but whether they can, that may be something else entirely.”

Tscon noticed that Thorgrass was referring to the forest again as if were an entity or a group.

“What do you mean exactly, when you say, the Forest?”

“I mean the Dytarians, of course. As I said, they are one and the same, the Dytarians and the forest. Two separate entities, yet they are one. How this is and how it came to be, only they know. The Dytarians themselves resemble you and I, but with many, shall we say, tree-like characteristics. We rarely see them in the cities, as they much prefer to stay within the Forest itself. They only come to the population when they must. But they always seem to know when that is, somehow.”

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