Who wants to see the New??

Greetings friends, family, and readers! As you’ve no doubt noticed, the site has changed considerably. The Aeonith website has also gone through a huge change, so hop on over and check it out soon. It’s much more streamlined, with direct links to the books. And pictures, the site’s got pictures!!! Neat, huh? I’ve been thinking of changing the looks of things for quite a while now actually. I wasn’t satisfied at all with the way the website looked, and the blog looked kind of plain as well. I like them much better now, and hope you will too.  I’ve started on a small advertising campaign, so be sure to pass along the website address to anyone who you think might be interested.

Work on the next book is proceeding, slowly but surely. Once I’ve got a few chapters just the way I want them, I might post one of them up here, so stay tuned. I’m also working on posting  a flash fiction series, possibly as often as once a week. Flash fiction, if your unfamiliar with the term, is a short, short story usually around five hundred words or less. It’s shaping up nicely, the only thing I need more of to get it up sooner is time!

I hope you like the new format, I’ll be changing out the pictures every so often, both here and on the website. The pictures on the website will tell the history of Aeonith one illustration at a time, so be sure to check it often to get a deeper insight into Tscon’s world.

As always, thanks for reading. Your support helps make it all worthwhile.

See You in the Future

J S Eaton


The New Book-The New Master

Greetings family, friends, and readers all! The new book is out! The Legend of Tscon Lightbringer Book Three is now available on Amazon in paperback, and on Kindle in ebook form. It’s been a long time coming, ti be sure, but it’s finally here. I hope everyone enjoys it immensely. I certainly had a great time writing it. It’s my personal favorite, so far.

As to future works, I’ve got some short stories on submission, and I’m still writing those as well. I’m working on a couple more poems too. I’ll be REALLY busy these next few months, but if any of my work gets picks up for publication I’ll announce it first here.

My next book will be a full-length novel, just how long I couldn’t say yet. I will say it’s without a doubt the best story I’ve ever come up with. It’ll take me a while to finish just the first draft, but I’m super excited to get it finished. I’ll be submitting this one to a few agents and publishers so it may be quite awhile before it sees the light of day. What’s it about? Well, it concerns a whole new set of characters, but it’s set in the same world. I’ll drop some further hints later this year, so keep dropping by. I hate leaving everyone without any new Aeonith to read, so I’m working on a couple of ideas to put on the Aeonith website. What they’ll be and when I’ll publish them is still way up in the air, but I’ll let you know ASAP.

Here are the links for the new book, the First one is for the paperback, the second is the Kindle version. Thanx so much to everyone who believed in me throughout everything. Your faith has kept me strong!
Amazon Paperback: The New Master

Kindle: The New Master

Createspace Paperback: The New Master   (psst, I get more royalty from this one!)

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I enjoyed creating it.

See You in The Future!

J.S. Eaton