Tales of Aeonith

Hullo there friends and readers! Nice to have you all here again. Today I’m announcing a new site. Tales of Aeonith should be online by the time you read this. This site will be the home for short stories set in the world of Aeonith. When I say short, I mean very short, between five hundred and a thousand words. The stories will fall into a new term of fiction known as flash fiction.

A quick look-up on google will show you that the term flash fiction has only been around a few years, although the medium itself has been around far longer. These short, short stories seem a perfect fit for the modern age. With all our modern devices around, we often find ourselves with a few minutes to spare here and there. Most everyone now can carry the internet around with them. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a site to read a quick story that began and ended in the time it took to wait on an appointment, or a lunch or dinner companion to arrive, etc..? That’s where Tales of Aeonith comes in!

Most of the stories posted here will fit into the category described above, although at times a story will be broken into two or three parts. When that happens it will always be noted as such, and the previous installments will always be available to read, so don’t worry about coming in halfway through. It does bear mentioning that with this kind of fiction, character descriptions and other staples of the fiction genre are shortened(or left out) in favor of ‘moving things along’, as it were. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the new site, feel free to leave any comments you have here or on the new site. As always, thanks for reading, take care and God bless!

See You in the Future

J S Eaton

New Site Link: Tales of Aeonith


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