The Hollow

Hello friends, family, and readers all. Gonna leave something special for you today. I actually wrote this last year and never put it up anywhere, then forgot I had it. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

The Hollow

A night is young, a road is old
A man whose fortune this night was told
Rides wary upon a steed of black
Destiny awaits, no turning back
From the Hollow

A cloud of night is the hand of doom
It’s fingers close about the moon
A shock of terror runs down the spine
The weight of fear upon his mind
About the Hollow

Amid dark trees strange eyes can see
The lone figure treading warily
Ancient sentinels, black of bark
Observe his passing among the dark
Of the Hollow

Across a creek, a bridge of old
The water tells a tale of woe
The reeds sing of deep despair
A raven warns to beware
Deep in the Hollow

A din will rise, the sound will creep
of undead things that never sleep
A shade of white reaches for his soul
‘Twas only a tree, bent and old
Born of the Hollow

Someone approaches, ’twill be here soon
Mounted upon hoof-beats of doom
We must flee, ourselves to save
Merely to fall upon a grave
Dug in the Hollow

The horse’s sound is drawing near
A face is now awash with fear
From out the night a rider hails
We must flee now, our courage fails
Within the Hollow

Upon a horse of darkest night
it’s eyes of red ‘a burning bright
On his left a flaming gourd
And on his right a shining sword
Lord of the Hollow
Down the road, swift as the wind
Lest the journey come to an early end
With demon’s laughter and hellish breath
Come the rider and horse whose name is Death
In the Hollow

The bridge ahead will free our fate
If we shall not arrive too late
For Death cannot pursue us there
Urge her on, our trusty mare
Through the Hollow

Across the brook, life is assured
The perilous journey now endured
Turns to laugh at Death in lark
The burning pumpkin finds its mark
Taken of the Hollow

Cold winds blow through twisted limbs
‘Till Death himself shall ride again
Upon the destrier of hell
To seek a head within the dell
Of Sleepy Hollow

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