I’m Back, Baby!!!

I'm Back, Baby!
I’m Back, Baby!

Greetings friends, family, and readers all! Been away from the blog a while now I know, doin’ stuff, life and all that. Raising kids, slaving away at the old job, fixing toilets, etc.. 🙂 But now I’m back, going to get back in the swing of things. Yo.

First off, an update on all things Aeonith. After shopping around my latest manuscript for over a year now and getting no takers, I’ve decided to self-publish once again. That’s right, the next book in the Aeonith series will be available soon! I will again have both print and e-book editions available. The manuscript is polished, the cover is almost ready, and I have just a few more formatting issues to work through and it’ll be ready to go! Assuming of course that no more toilets break in my house. 😦

I’ll have plenty of updates on the Aeonith website(aeonith.webs.com) also, so stay tuned there. I have some new short stories to put up on the Tales of Aeonith site also, so keep an eye out there too!

And speaking of updates, the fifth Aeonith novel, a sequel to the soon-to-be-forthcoming Comes a Dark Heir is nearly written in first draft form. That one still has alot of work to be done, but it’s well on its way. After that manuscript is polished, it’ll be making the same rounds to the same agents and publishers as the first, with even more stops, so I won’t go off and promise it’ll get published soon. I will say that I think it’s an even better story than Dark Heir. Heh, we’ll see though, won’t we?

As of this writing, tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so I’ll wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all, whether your reading this before or after said holiday. Christmas is just around the corner, with any luck at all, you’ll be able to put a copy of Comes a Dark Heir under the tree for that special someone :):):)

Anywho, I’m out for now, take care and best wishes to all. And as always, thanx for reading!

J S Eaton

See you in the Future!


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