Heh, hello friends and readers. Anyone who’s seen Dead Man’s Chest will remember when Jack Sparrow met Davy Jones for the first since he made his infamous deal with the squid-pirate. Jack immediately begins his trade mark double-talking, and before he knows it, Jones is roped into making yet another deal with the wiley Captain Sparrow. In their words:

Jack Sparrow: So we agree my proposal is sound in principal  now we’re just haggling over price.

Davy Jones: Price? (spit)

And so on they go, trading Jack Sparrow’s measly one soul for one hundred others. Of course it doesn’t turn out that way, but you’ll just have to see the movie for the rest of it. By and large, I think Dead Man’s Chest is the best of the Pirate’s movies, although I’m often loathe to pick a favorite, much as I am with the original Star Wars trilogy.

Of course it’s not about the price of souls that I’m writing about today. No, today its the price of books, or rather self-published print books that concerns me as of this writing. As you know(hopefully, if you’ve been keeping up with this little blog) the next novel in the Aeonith series is due to arrive soon. After due submission, and over a year of rejections and waiting, I’ve decided to once again self-publish the next next novel in Aeonith series. As before, it’ll be available in all the various e-book formats, Kindle, Nook, et all. And, as before, I’m using the Createspace author-services program to publish the book in print form.

One thing that separates ebook and print book publishing is production cost. As is obvious, it takes alot more money to print a book than it does to put one out in a digital format. More than I thought, so it seems. Now with the Createspace system, or any self-publishing system really, the user has a minimum price that they can offer their book at, so as to cover the manufacturing cost, as well as make a profit for the printer as well. Before, I was able to keep the cost down below six dollars for the previous books in the Aeonith series, but since this next one has come in at over three-hundred and sixty pages, I’m having to charge more.

I hate it, make no mistake about that. But at least in the print form, I’m extremely limited in how low I can go. I sincerely hope the new price doesn’t put anyone off, but if it does, I completely understand.

As of this minute, I’m still tweaking a few things, trying to get it down as low as I can. When it’s finally ready for release, be sure that I’ll sound the welcomes and blow the crumpets! Until then…

See You in the Future,

J S Eaton

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