Forward to the Future!


Hey all. This one’s just a philisophical rambling post, nothing too serious. Was thinking one day about that looking into the future stuff. There’s all kinds of literature and media about the subject, not the least of which is one my favorite movies, the Back to the Future trilogy. Yes, I agree, the first one was best,  still, they were all enjoyable. And there’s the classic sci-fi novel Dune, which delves into the topic with great veracity.

But is it really possible to know the future, and if it were, would you really want too? And what if you did know something about what’s going to happen, then you go and make a different decision based on that knowledge, does the future change, or was that taken into account when you saw the future in the first place?

I don’t think we can really know the future, certainly not enough of it to make decisions about what we should or shouldn’t do. Why? Well, most everyone in the world has people close to them in their lives. And the closer someone is to you, the more any decision you make can affect them. And those decisions often have effects that reach farther than we realize.

The future is made up almost entirely of the decisions we make today. But seeing the end results of all those choices would be mind-boggling .Looking into the future, we would only see a small piece of what might happen, and so have no idea of how it would affect others.

The example that keeps coming to my mind is the episode in the Bible where Saul, the first king of the Hebrews, consulted a witch to find out what would happen when his forces met the Phillistines the next day. She did indeed conjure the future for him, in the form of the dead prophet Samuel, who promptly told the impatient king that he was going to LOSE. Take that Saul! Now, the bible isn’t specific on the details, but if its anything like we imagined, Saul probably walked away pretty despondent at that point, fully believing what he was told. And who wouldn’t, if a ghost told you something was going to happen tomorrow, we would most likely believe it, if for no other reason than a ghost is a supernatural entity, who just might have the ability to see into the future. Now, did Saul get this news and just give up, and let them win, thus making the prediction a self-fullfiling prophecy? It could very well be. Was it fated that the Hebrews would lose? I say no. The whole notion of a predetermined fate goes against the idea of free will, which we’re all supposed to have. Now, I’m willing to grant that in some cases God’s plan might call for certain things to happen, but I believe those instances are actually far and few between. For the most part, we’re left to make our own world. Why else would bad things happen to good people, and vice-versa.

The point though, is that there are simply too many things happening at once, too many events that depend on the choices made before, to be able to truly see the future, the real future as it’s going to happen, even as it relates to a single individual. It would be nice, but personally, I just wouldn’t be able to trust it. How about you?

See You in the Future

J S Eaton

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