Welcome, I say welcome to the new Blog, which is the old blog with a new name :)

Hello, and welcome to J S Eaton’s new blog! Why a new name? Why not? 🙂

That header is just some clipart I found real fast. I’ll try to find a slick image at some point in the near future, good Lord willing and all that!

Anywho, castles are a staple of the fantasy genre in which my imagination often roams, and night, well, night is just a cool color, after all.

There’s lots more on the way for this and my other sites as I go over them to refine, retune, and update. There’ll be more Tales of Aeonith soon, speaking of which there is now a link to said website on the top of this blog.

Also, there I snow a sign-up on the sidebar here so that you can enter your email address and get updates to the Black Castle Blog as soon as their published.

Take care all, See You in the Future!

J S Eaton


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