Corey the Calf

Corey the Calf

Corey the Calf by Patty Johnson

Farmer Brown’s favorite little calf, Corey, is an adventerous little calf who loves to please his owner. Upon hearing the farmer is about to choose the best calf on his farm, Corey will do whatever it takes to be sure he’s the chosen one. Sadly, when he’s given the task, he comes up short. Unbeknownst to Corey and the other calves, Farmer Brown isn’t looking for the same results as everyone else.

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Author Patty Johnson was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Joseph and Anna Mae Johnson. Both parents believed a good education plus good manners equalled a good future. Joseph taught Patty to read using the newspaper before she entered kindergarten, and her love for words never ceased. For 25+ years, she worked as a legal secretary/paralegal, but never gave up on her dream of becoming a published author.

The mother of two sons, both diagnosed with autism and ADHD, would tell them bedtime stories every night. The boys loved the stories so much, they would ask to hear them again and again. Having to write the stories down because the boys did not want her to deviate from the original version, the author realized she had put together a nice collection of children’s storybooks. Corey the Calf is a byproduct of Patty’s bedtimes with her children, as well as a dream come true for the author.

Patty writes imaginative stories for young children. Each story is entertaining and educational; each story teaches a lesson on a moral value, such as honesty, friendship, and sharing; and each story in the series ends with tips to the parents to help their children. One half of all proceeds from the sales of the storybooks are donated to organizations benefitting children with autism.

Patty also writes for The Fellowship Journal, a Christian newsletter, and is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. She isn’t afraid to admit that she can express herself better in writing than speaking, or that butter pecan ice cream can sweeten even the worst of days. Connect with her at



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