Hey, Where have you Been?

Hello friends, fans and readers! Been a while since I wrote(on this blog anyway :)). ‘Ol J S has been super-busy these past few weeks, and he’s got lots more to do. Not the least of which is finish working on Part Two to the vaunted Arcania Rising series, now tentatively titled  Falls a Dark Shadow. 

The next book will naturally follow the further adventures of Stavross, Tynaul and the crew, as well as General Lysis and his faithful alluvar Adjunt. If you don’t yet know who any of those people are, hurry on over to Amazon and pick up your copy of Comes a Dark Heir now. Go ahead, you can go order it and come back to this page 🙂 After you’re done reading, be sure to leave your opinion, good, bad or otherwise on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you like to make yourself heard here on the World Wide Web!

Other projects have kept me super busy as well, although those aren’t yet ready to be unveiled. Anywho, rest assured I’m still hard at it here at the Night Castle, hoping to get the next book out sooner rather than later. We’ll See!

Been working on some short fiction for Tales of Aeonith also, will have that up when it’s ready. “Til then you can read up on the last chapter of The Shadow War, don’t miss it!

Until next time, good luck and God bless!

See You in the Future,

J S Eaton

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