The article linked above explains a dispute between Amazon and a company called Hachette, a major book publisher. Basically it’s a breakdown in negotiations, Amazon wants to pay a lower price for Hachette’s books than Hachette is willing to accept. This is Amazon, of course, whose billions in proft every year allow it tremendous bargaining power, much like Wal-Mart holds in the physical world. Amazon can hold out for whatever price it wants, as long as it takes to get it.

Now I can see both sides of this. As a consumer, I’m glad Amazon is fighting to keep prices low. On the other hand, if Amazon wins and other retailers follow suit, the publisher makes less money, in turn paying their employees less, including, authors.

As a self-published author, this doesn’t directly affect me. I do however, respect the author/publisher relationship, and don’t want to see them start to founder, especially in today’s world, with high competition and a still-sagging economy everywhere. Recent studies have indicated that by and large people are reading less, also not a good portent.

I sincerely hope that this kind of situation does not become the norm, where a publisher has to fight Amazon every time it wants to get books into their massive online store. It’s the monster that it is for a reason, it’s cheap, quick and easy. Anywho, we’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I will be both self-publishing and shopping manuscripts to every agent available!

Speaking of my work, Falls a Dark Shadow is in the final stages of production now, could be available soon. Enter the contest over at to get a free copy of Comes a Dark Heir, the first book in the Arcania Rising series. And stop by Tales of Aeonith for your daily dose of fantasy, or humor, and sometimes both!

See you in the Future!

J S Eaton

Tales of Aeonith

The Night Castle


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