Why I’d like to live in Mayberry


Ahh, Mayberry, that mythical town in North Carolina(I guess) we’re time stands still, and every problem you could ever have can be solved in about a half an hour. There’s no cell-phones here, or wi-fi. No tablets, laptops, or even desktop pc’s. No Wal-Mart, or Amazon, no dishwashers  or washing machines. No cable or satellite TV, and what phone service there is, is relegated to a party line that’s taken up entirely on Sundays by the Mendlebright sisters. In fact, nothing is open at all on Sunday in Mayberry, except church. Now, we have all these modern conveniences here in the twenty-first century, why would anyone want to live in such a backward place?

Trust comes to mind first. People trusted their neighbors back then. So much so that you didn’t even need to lock your doors at night, one could even leave them open to enjoy a cool evening breeze. Could we even begin to dream of doing that these days? I think not. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if you left your doors open and got your possessions stolen, the first thing the police would want to know is why didn’t you lock your door? So that’s the world we live in now, that you’re expected to be vandalized, so we have to lock everything, all the time?

I could go on and on about this but I won’t. Neither Mayberry, nor any town like it ever truly existed. There was never a place where people were truly safe from harm. But it makes me think, it was a different time back then, people were expected to be decent to each other, helpful and trusting. It’s no longer the norm today. Now we seem to expect our fellow man to be distrustful, dishonest, even hostile. And the sad fact of the whole thing is, there are lots of our fellow human beings who are exactly that. This new norm didn’t happen overnight, for no reason. We’re inundated every day now with horror stories of what people are doing to each other. Makes me sad.

And it makes me think that if a Mayberry did exist, it might be worth sacrificing cell phones, tablets, and all those other gadgets and conveniences we think we can’t live without, to live in a place where people acted, by and large, like the good folks of Mayberry. That town may not have existed, but the world it inhabited once did, or something near enough like it. It’s all gone now though. Sorry to see it go.

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton

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