Vampire Hunter D Vol. 10 – Dark Nocturne


Dark Nocturne-Vampire Hunter D Volume 10

Another great addition to the D series. This book is actually three novellas packed into one volume. The first story is called Dark Nocturne, about a mysterious song the Nobility(vampires) have created. The second story, An Ode to Imagined Fall, is about a young woman about to be sacrificed in order to save a village. And third is Legend of the War Fiends, about two figures genetically programmed to fight each other in a long-forgotten war.

Of the three, Dark Nocturne is probably my favorite. The mystery of the dark song that draws people in, who created it and why, it’s the best and probably most well-rounded.

Once again the author reminds us of D’s unearthly aura at every opportunity. Over here in the west, this comes off as kind of unusual, overkill of a sort. He does this in every book, so I’m used to it now, but it’s still odd.

The left hand gets in a few one-liners, but is not as involved as some of the other books. I really like that sidekick, his whole attitude and demeanor. He(it?) is a real smart-alec, and half the time D doesn’t even respond to his quips, but the famous vampire hunter would never have made it this far without him.

It was nice to read three different stories, was a great change of pace. Can’t wait to start on the next one, Pale Fallen Angel, which is so long it was broken into two.


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