Book Tour Promotes Indie Bookstores-Highlights Amazon/Hachette dispute

Hachette author David Sedaris, whose new book Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls(Back Bay) is out now, is touring independent bookstores as part of his promotion efforts. The owners of these indie booksellers are taking this opportunity to show how both they and the print book are indeed still relevant to today’s readers, both young and old. I personally haven’t read Owl’s yet, as I am still working my way through the Vampire Hunter D series at the moment(in addition to writing my own works. *cough* Shameless Plug *cough*) After that I’ve got to finish that Dark Tower series(see how far behind I am). Anywho, I am absolutely convinced of the importance of both the independent seller and the printed book. The e-book does indeed have an undeniable place in our world, and will for the forseeable future, but will print books will still have a place for quite some time.

I think the challenge for independents going forward will be how to address the growing e-book phenomenon in a way that gets and keeps customers coming to their stores.  One doesn’t have to go to a store to get an ebook(or even a printed book anymore thanks to online sales), so what keeps people going to stores at all? At least part of it is the social interaction, such as readings and signings by generous authors like Mr. Sedaris. Certainly can’t get that online. I sincerely hope store owners continue to find new and innovative ways to keep people coming, as the true heart of readers is reflected in the independent spirit of locally-owned bookstores.

Hit the link here to read more over at Publisher’s Weekly.

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