Indie Authors need Marketing

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Of all the things that go along with being an author, especially an independent, marketing is probably the  hardest concept to put into play. At least, it is for me. And actually, that’s just a little bit frustrating to say the least. I mean come on, I just finished writing a such-and-so-long novel here, how come I can’t come up with a marketing plan? I mean, I am smart, aren’t I? Heh, not so fast, eager-Mcbeaver 🙂 Being smart isn’t all you need.

To me, marketing is like an object in a mirror. It’s right there, I should just be able to reach out and touch it! But nope, not matter how much I try to reach into the glass, it just looks back at me, out of reach. D’oh!

The solution is an always-ongoing, ever-changing, never-easy process. Learning, always learning, is key here. Keeping up with the times is important as well. Seems like there’s a new social media site/app out there every week. And you never know who’s going to try it, so you want to get your book in front of people’s hungry eyes before the page gets flooded.

There’s a nice article here on marketing books, and I think alot of those principles apply to what independent authors do, or maybe should be doing. I like to think I got something out of it anyway.

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