Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling keeps Amazon/Hachette dispute in the news

Due out later this year, J.K/Robbie’s book The Silkworm is likely to be in short supply at Amazon upon release, giving another much-needed boon to those small, indie booksellers out there. Amazon’s strategy with all this still baffles me. Perhaps they didn’t think the word would get out that they were trying to squeeze more money out of a publisher, or if it did how big a deal it would be. Although I’ll grant that, for the moment, it sill isn’t front page news. Business is business, as they say.

Still, despite Amazon’s statement basically saying that the problem wouldn’t be resolved anytime soon, I’m still holding out hope that the parties come to some kind of mutual agreement soon. There’s room in this world for everyone, I think. Amazon and independents, print and e-books, Can’t we just all get along? :/

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