The Future of Marvel Movies

Total Film has a great article quoting Mr. Kevin Feige talking about several topics concerning the upcoming Marvel comic-book movies. Basically, good things are ahead.

It’s looking like Thanos, the purple guy who looks at the screen during the credits of the first Avengers, is going to be the major, MAJOR bad-guy of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I get the feeling they’ll show him more in Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe some screen time in The Avengers:Age of Ultron, possibly the next Captain America or Thor. And then, he and his henchman will be the ultimate villain for the heroes to overcome, after they’ve built him up to be unstoppable. That’s kind of what I see anyway.

He doesn’t exactly say the Netflix series will count in the movie universe, but he does lean that way. Wouldn’t that be awesome to have a Daredevil or Power Man cameo in Avengers 3 or Cap 3?

There is going to be a Doctor Strange movie, it fact it already has a director(Scott Derrikson). They seem to have a script in hand, and are working on it. Feige says that they’ll finish the script and then look for an actor. I heard a rumor they were looking at Johnny Depp. I could roll with that.

Hopefully, Ant-Man’s troubles are over, they’ve got a new director and are working on a few scene re-writes, and not actually writing a new script. Release is still set for July 15, 2015. Whew.

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton

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