You can’t judge a book by its cover. There, I got it out of the way. Whew 🙂

Covers are very important for books, and one of the hardest things for an independent author to do. There’s a myriad of decisions right there. What kind of cover do I want? Should I do it myself? If someone else does it, who? How do I know they’ll do good work? How do I know I’ll get what I pay for? And how much do I spend?

These can be some of the hardest questions to answer. I’ve spent many on hour pouring over cover art, checking the artists themselves, how much work they’ve done for others, etc.. Every day there’s another person making e-book covers, so the search for the right artist can be an exhaustive one, to say the least.

PW has a good article here that goes into it to some degree. Helpful advice, to be sure. In the end though, I think every author has to decide for themselves what’s best for their book. And it’s a difficult process, I know.

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See you in the Future,

J S Eaton




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