Another bite from the Apple

Last year, the long legal battle between Apple, the Big Six(soon to be Five) Publishers, and the Department of Justice ended, with Apple being the loser. The details of it all are too long and tedious to go into now, plus every time I think about it it gives me a headache. The New York Times did a nice piece on the story, read here.

Basically, the lawsuit said Apple and the publishers were guilty of anti-competitive practices. Part of the settlement says that Apple and the publishers now have to wait two years before re-negotiating any new deals for e-books. Problem is, that’s two years for EACH publisher. So the second guy in line has to wait four years, and so on. Eeek.

So second in line Simon & Schuster is back in court again to complain that the deal unfairly targets them and the other publishers.

That whole thing was just one big circus. And so unnecessary in my opinion. Why did e-books need price fixing in the first place? I won’t pretend to understand the whole business side to this industry, bit I don’t see this whole debalve as anything but sad and unhealthy for writing as a whole. Distributors and suppliers need to start working together, and quit arguing over nickels and dimes.

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J S Eaton

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