Amazon Exec speaks on on Hachette dispute.

There’s an interesting interview in the Wall Street Journal from July 1st. An Amazon Exec went on record defending the company’s battle with publisher Hachette. Now he doesn’t go into the details of the fight, mostly just saying that Amazon is on the side of consumers, fighting for what’s right.

I’d like to believe that, I really would. Telling us what the hang-ups are would go a long way toward assuaging my fears. But since they probably never will, all we can do is guess. Is the big, bad publishing company trying to raise e-book prices too much, or is the giant retailer using their Wal-Mart-like clout to gain wholesale discounts so huge the publisher will barely turn a profit?

An article here posted yesterday on Huffington Post has a few rumors and speculations, but no more facts have come out about the whole thing. I certainly hope this all gets resolved soon.

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