And now, the other side of the story

Man, this thing just won’t die. All the publicity may be good in the end though, perhaps speeding up the settlement process and healing us all.

The latest salvo in the battle comes from the indie authors themselves. A group has started a petition on, which you can see and sign for yourself here should you choose to do so. A the time of this writing, the petition had 3, 243 signatures.

The author(s) of the petition make a strong case. Amazon has indeed made it possible to get literally millions of books out onto the market that might never have seen the light of day otherwise. And there are some great stories in the self-published world.

I still believe there’s a place for the traditional publisher, though. The petition paints Hachette(and publishers in general) in a rather negative light that I’d like to avoid on my own platform. They do have a point about the companies however, and the traditional publishers in general.

Amazon has done indies a great service by giving them(us, I’m one too) a place to offer our work to the reading world. I, personally, am grateful for that.

But I still feel there’s a place in this world for the traditional publisher as well. There are many readers out there who like the idea of a traditional publisher, for any number of reasons. I’m still busily pounding out manuscripts to send to them, hoping to win a book deal one day. I have more insight into the industry as a whole now than when I discovered my love of the craft, and realize how difficult it is to get an agent, and secure the deal. But, with self-publishing becoming more popular and well-known with readers, perhaps the going the traditional route is akin to climbing a mountain. You do it because it’s there(And yes, I’m quoting Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek V). I like the idea of having a traditional publisher, as well as my own self-published line of novels. And firmly believe that I can and will do it, someday.

Arguments between supplies and distributors has always existed. This one is front and center for us because it strikes something so near and dear to us, books. But writers and their beloved fans will always exist, and one has to admit that by enabling self-publishing in the way they have, Amazon has done a good thing by bringing us that much closer.

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