Yog’s Law


Yea, I did that too. Yog’s Law? As it happens, it’s a simple turn of phrase invented by James D Macdonald, an author who’s been passionate about helping aspiring writers. The phrase means, “money flows toward the writer”. What and how did he come up with such a thing?

The internet has changed many things, writing not the least among them. Before the digital age, self-publishing was still possible in the form of what they called ‘vanity’ publishers.’ For the most part, these publishers were little more than scam artists, promising a break into the competitive publishing world for x amount of dollars out the author’s own pocket. ‘Up front’ money for one thing or another. Struggling authors would often fall victim to these cons, and as time went on, they became more and more sophisticated. Thankfully, authors like Mr. Macdonald, Victoria Strauss, John Scalzi, and many others I’m so sorry for leaving out, take time to lend their expertise to us desperate writers. Their invaluable advice(money flows toward the author) has helped many many a person avoid the many literary scams out there.

The rise of true, readily-available self-publishing has seen a fall-off in the number  of ‘vanity’ publishers. There’s still as many scams out there though, if not more. I certainly realize how painful and desperate the struggle to get published, traditional or self is, how desperate one can get to get his or work out there, to reach that goal of making one’s living doing what we love so well. Advice like Mr. Macdonald’s helps keep us on the right track and avoid falling for some hollow pitch that sounds like that’s exactly what I need! When it really isn’t. All we really need is a good story and the right person in the right place at the right time to read it. And get it in front of all the others trying to squeeze into this little box we call writing. “)

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See you in the Future,

J S Eaton




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