News from the front lines

PW gas another round of news on the Amazon/Hachette dispute. By now this stuff really isn’t news anymore. This kind of thing usually goes on behind closed doors amyway. The whole making-it-public thing is to divide us up into camps,  and whoever has the most troops wins. It’s really sad, with the people who count the most, readers and authors,  caught in the middle.
Both sides are being cagey with the details,  so none of us really know who’s being unreasonable here, except to say that both of them are by this point.
I want to be a full time author too, and seeing things like this just makes  me wonder about the future. We all want to do what we love for a living, and I see it so close now, but watching disputes like this makes me worry I might never seen that dream come true.

J. S. Eaton


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