Big Publisher, why?

With all the debate going on about publishing (I’m looking at you Amazon) a lot of authors are asking if they need a big publisher at all.
Look here for one persons POV.
The article has a point, but fails to address one key issue the indie author faces. Finances.
It’s great if you afford to do you own marketing, hire your own editor, etc. But often the indie author cannot afford to do all those things her or himself, so the publishing house is the authors only choice.
There’s no doubt that e-publishing has a lower cost than printed books. And we’ve all noticed how the cost of e-books is almost the same as printed books from most big-publishing-house  works. It’s tempting to see the big publishers in an unflattering light because of this, I’ll admit it rankles me a little bit. I’m glad the Author’s Guild called them out on this. It doesn’t make the publishers irrelevant though
They still have a place in the world, but it is rapidly changing. Digital publishing is going to force them to better serve their authors and readers, or face true irrelevancy as others sweep in and offer new and independent authors the services they need to be just as visible as any big name author.

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