Author Platform Shoes

They were strange constructions when I first saw them, platform shoes. As the young tyke that I was, I believed their sole purpose was to make one taller, seeing no fashion value at all in actually being taller. I use teh term value quite loosely when it comes to fashion however, today we wouldn’t exactly declare those gaudy shoes as valuable, except perhaps for their worth on eBay.

But an author needs platform shoes, in a metaphysical sense of course. Please don’t start looking for those things. No, what I mean is a place for readers to come and discover you as an author.

When I began this journey, I had no idea what all the articles meant by, ‘platform’, even though they spelled it out rather clearly. For me, the idea had to sink in, settle and get some space. I get it now, at least the greatest part anyways 🙂

This blog is part of that platform. It is a place where you can get to know me, my writing, and what it’s like. If there’s any news about my upcoming novels, you’ll find it here first.

Platforms are essential now for new authors struggling to be seen in the evolving world of publishing, regardless of which path they take(Self or traditional). And building one doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, energy and persistence. But it can, and must, be done if you want to move your writing career forward.

An article here says as much, and lots more, about building a platform and engaging an audience. It’s a great read.

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton

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