‘Tis a Monday Morning

Hey all. It is indeed Monday, time to get back in that work groove. Ugh! My thoughts, exactly.

It’s funny though, how so much of our work defines us; how much it forms who we are and how we act. It is one of the pillars that form our impression to others. Think about it, you’re meeting someone for the first time, you give your name, you might tell them you’re married, kids, and at some point you offer, or they ask, to tell them ‘what do you do’? And what you tell them(or they tell you, if you’re the one  doing the asking) helps draw the picture of who this person is.

What about those folks with two professions, like a lot of independent writers.

What do I tell people? I have a day, a “real” job if you will, and then my writing. So, what do I tell people? I tell them I’m a writer. Because that’s the way I want them to define me. Mainly because it’s how I define myself. I may not have any books deals yet, certainly am not famous(yet), but I’m out there, hitting those keys hard every day, writing queries, articles, and of course, stories. One day,(soon hopefully), I’ll no longer have that conundrum of dual professions. Even so, when they ask I’ll always say, ‘I’m a writer’, and I’ll say it with pride, because I am.

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton


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