Wattpad? oh, that pad? 🙂

No, Wattpad, it’s a new social media platform for sharing written works. It’s customized with mobile in mind, so the stories will read well on any device. I just published my first story on the platform this morning, an older story but one of my first’s concerning the mysterious Hunter in Black.  I’ve read that some authors are having success getting eyes on their work this way, which I think is the main idea behind this platform. The site charges readers nothing, so the authors receive nothing, except a little publicity. It’s a way to stir up interest in something you’re doing; a piece of flash fiction that leads to a book, or something along those lines.

You can read J.S. Eaton’s first story on Wattpad Here.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Hopefully this thing will really catch on with readers and give indie authors a wide platform for get out there and get known.

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton



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