Amazon makes another offer

Well, here’s the latest salvo in the Amazon/Hachette War. The issue seems to be getting too much attention now. So another Amazon exec has made another offer.  Now Amazon is offering stock Hachette titles again, and basically set everything back to normal if the authors will just be quiet about the whole thing. Yea, right.

Seems a strange idea to me. This issue isn’t going away until it’s resolved,and people aren’t going to stop talking about it until it’s resolved. That cat’s out of the proverbial bag. If Amazon wants this to go away, they’re going to have to conclude negotiations.

At this point, I’m convinced there’s more to it than just one publisher’s deal. Amazon may be trying to set some kind of precedent with the other big publishers by playing hardball with one of them. Who can say for sure, since neither side is willing to explain just what terms they’re squabbling over.

More about Hachette is slowly coming to light, like the fact that they themselves are owned by a larger corporation. Could be that the exec’s at Hachette can’t take a cut in profits, else their parent company would shut them down, a loss for everyone. This is the position echoed by Douglas Preston from the Author’s Guild. The Guild recently put together a letter to send to Amazon about the whole thing, and are set to publish it in an ad in the New York Times sometime soon. I’ll be looking for that.

Anyway, the War goes on. If anything positive can come out of this, maybe it’s that a few more people will take notice of books and start reading again.(or for the first time.)That would actually make all this crazy business worthwhile.

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