Clouds of Despair

Does every writer get these, the clouds of despair? Dark, cumulonimbus storm clouds that move in on hurricane winds and hover over your soul, threatening a downpour of guilt and misery? I know I do.
There’s lots of reasons we go through these. Rejection letters, writer’s block, my personal favorite is the gloom that comes of out nowhere to hit you like the proverbial ton of bricks.
Some say it’s our psychological make-up as artists. Brain chemicals or something. Maybe. Ultimately what causes it matters less than what to do about it.
Matthew Kessel has written a great piece on this over at SFWA. It’s worth a read, he expresses well what I’m sure a lot of us feel from time to time.
Also, I realize I’ve been neglecting my Tales of Aeonith page. Things have been crazy lately in the Night Castle, but rest assured something great is just around the corner.

J.S. Eaton

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