Copyright Ownership

As writers, we are creators of an art-form. Ideally, most of us would like to be able to make a decent living creating said art. Part of the process of enabling us to do that is registering our copyright.
Now technically, the law says you own the copyright to your art the minute you put it down in hard copy. For us authors, that’s words on a page. But if someone were to plagerize your work, you’d have to go to court to stop them, recover money they made off of your hard work, etc…
That’s where registering your work with the Copyright Office comes in. While this handy little filing won’t stop people from stealing your work, it does serve as a deterrent, and an easy way to prove you actually own the work in question.
Submitting to the government Copyright Office is relatively easy, and only costs around $40 if you do it electronically.  Well worth the investment. 
Here’s a link to the Copyright Office  website.
There’s an article here too that really gets you thinking about getting your work registered.  It takes time, but is completely worth it, for the peace of mind alone.

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