Amazon makes a statement

Well, the ubiquitous retailer/publisher put up a post on their Kindle forum yesterday, explaining their position, and why their way is best for all concerned.
Here’s the link.
While an interesting read, I’m still trying to digest it all, ie., read between the lines. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic and cynical, looking for some deeper motive. But living in a capitalistic society can make you that way, especially when it comes to for-profit companies doing anything that seems, altrustic.
There’s no doubt in my mind authors have gotten stiffed when it comes to traditional publishing,  even the Authors Guild itself has said so. But the trade-off in the past was always the fact of simply being published. Things are changing rapidly now though,  and it’s getting easier and easier for an author to get his work in the hands of readers without the publisher.
That’s not to say the traditional publishers no longer have a place. Editing, marketing and publicity are still just as important as ever, and the costs associated with those can be high,  especially for a new author.  Publishers can foot those bills for a share of the book’s profit. 
But it might be time to reevaluate just how big that share ought to be.


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