Article: Why You’re Probably Not Famous Enough to Land a Book Deal

Why You’re Probably Not Famous Enough to Land a Book Deal
I don’t think I agree with the philosophy this author is espousing here. Maybe I just don’t like it because I think it smacks of elitism.
Here’s a direct quote from the article.
“But who are you to compete if you’re a debut memoirist or novelist with a negligible following and zero star power?”

I am that debut novelist.
Now maybe I’m taking that comment out of context. Could be I took the whole piece wrong, way too personal.  After all those are the plain and simple facts of modern publishing. It just saddens me to see it.
Here’s another part of the article.

“I, for one, appreciate that Neeti and Laura are telling it like it is. Their comments are a wake-up call to aspiring authors who think that their books will be published just because the writing is good. Great, beautiful writing is a simple prerequisite these days, hardly enough to land you an agent, much less a book deal.”

Now this does disturb me. Beautiful writing is supposed to be what it’s all about.
This all makes me think my worst nightmares will come true. That one day soon there will only be one or two traditional publishers left, and they will only take on authors who have already made a name for themselves. That gives a lot less hope to me for the future.
The article tries to end on a high note, but as a whole it felt a little foreboding,  at least to me.

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