Dividing authors

Well, this latest round of attacks in the Amazon/Hachette war has gotten more attention than anything yet. I thought the point of negotiations was to come to some common middle ground in order to get things done. Instead these companies have drawn lines in the sand and refuse to budge, leaving readers and authors in the middle.

One tactic Hachette might use here is to mention all the other online retailers one could use to purchase their books. That ad in the NYT was signed by many Hachette authors, at the end they could have listed all the stores where you can go, besides Amazon. Same in Hachette’s latest email, he could have made a short list of where to get the company’s product. Doing this in each and every public communique might help get the point across that Amazon isn’t the only place to get books.

What bothers me more than anything about this whole situation is how it’s diving authors. Traditional Authors vs. Self-published. I’m seeing it more and more in posts and comments made to the various articles that take one side or the other. It saddens me really, when we’re all just artists trying to find a way to eek out a living doing what we love.


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