On of the Big Six Caves to Amazon


How’s that for a sensational title? Of course, there’s no telling if the negotiations could really be called “caving in to Amazon”. Neither side is likely to ever share the details. One thing I did pick up on in this article, is that Amazon wanted Perseus to contact people by phone and not email. That’s a lot of clout,  to be able to tell people how they can communicate with their own clients.
It’s hard to tell what to take away from this really. Did Perseus give in to what Amazon wanted? Or did Amazon reach a reasonable deal with the publisher that doesn’t punish the company and its authors? I doubt we’ll ever know.
I am afraid this will embolden Amazon to hold their hard line with Hachette, dragging out the Debacle even longer. 


Authors United to hit the DoJ for help


Wow. I keep saying that with regard to the Debacle. I keep saying nothing can surprise me at this point. And then, pow.
I don’t know what to say or think anymore. Just wish it was over.

Fall has Begun

Autumn is upon us, my friends. And with that comes the new TV season. Now, I’m not usually excited about this, for years now there haven’t been that many new shows that got my attention. My favorite genres have tended to get pushed aside in favor of more reality shows. And they just weren’t my thing.

Enter this fall and things have changed. Last night the new show Gotham premiered, about the very same Gotham City Batman will roam in some years later. And after that, we begin the second season of Sleepy Hollow, a modern-day retelling of the classic story.

Gotham was awesome, I thought, right out of the gate. The mood and characters were really established, and it has the makings of being a great show throughout. Right off the bat, we see how Gotham is a corrupt city. A crook takes a cop’s gun, and when said criminal is finally relieved of the weapon, the Gotham PD proceeds to beat the guy. We meet some of the future villains, Osward Cobblepot(Penguin) is working for a criminal, Ed Nygma(Riddler) is some kind of tech consultant for the police. And Salina Kyle(Catwoman) just follows a young Bruce Wayne around. One guy they didn’t mention was the Joker, but there was this one scene. There’s this comedian doing an audition for Fish Mooney, a major criminal; Mooney owns a nightclub. Well, right in the middle of this guy’s act Mooney starts yelling and beating someone, right in front of him. The comedian looks terrified. Anyway, the scene ends and you never see the guy again, but I’m keeping an eye on that. A comedian trying to get a job in a crook’s bar, witnessing brutality, yea I’m keeping an eye on that.

Sleepy Hollow was good too. They pick up right where they left off last season, but I’ll leave that out in case you haven’t seen the show yet. They throw you a curve at the beginning, but stay with them and it gets back on track. Later on, we get Shirtless Horseman. I just said wow, okay. Headless Horseman changing clothes. Alrighty then.

I personally am glad to see more adventure shows coming back, and superhero shows at that. Gotham, plus next week starts Arrow Season 3, the new The Flash series, and tonight begins Agents of Shield season 2. Guess I’m going to get less writing done, but it was time for a break anyway. 🙂

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New Authors United Letter

If you haven’t seen this yet, click that link to check it out. The group is sending a letter to Amazon’s directors now, firing another shot in the circus known here as The Debacle.
I feel for Hachette’s authors. They must be feeling the pinch by now. If not yet, they will soon. Amazon has a huge share of the book-selling market.  I have a bad feeling this is going to drag on until Amazon gets what it wants. They are a huge company already used to working on thin profit margins, so they’ll be able to easily weather whatever hits they take as a result of all the negative publicity. I just don’t want to see authors feeling the heat because these corporations can’t get along

from Falls a Dark Shadow

Hey all. How about a little something from Falls a Dark Shadow: Arcania Rising? Enjoy, and gave a great weekend.

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Caerish leaned in to Lenar as the group neared the outpost. Tynaul heard the lord whispering to the nervous young man.

“Just keep calm, my friend. Everything will be fine.”

Tynaul could just see the young man’s face turning white as they approached the guards at the entrance to the outpost. Tynaul felt a sharp prick in his back, reminding him that Kint was just a push away from ending his life should he deviate from the plan. Tynaul began to summon the power he’d called upon the night before in his meditation.

The guards viewed the newcomers with a mix of acknowledgment and suspicion. Obviously, they wouldn’t know any of them, but these men were wearing Arcanian uniforms, and in a camp of a thousand men, it was only natural to forget some faces. The guards lowered spears as the group approached.

“Who goes there?”

“Name’s Cavendish, you big ox.” Caerish shouted. “We were out on patrol and caught us a rebel spy. Brought him right back here straight away, we did. Now let us in, we’re tired and we want to get rid of this baggage and put our feet up.”

Suddenly a larger man in a more elaborate set of armor appeared from behind the gate. Tynaul knew Sargeant Graitis on sight, and his entire plan hinged on Graitis recognizing him as well. Tynaul called on his power as Graitis approached the group. Tynaul leaned back and touched the tip of Kint’s sword, quietly uttering the arcane words of a paralyzing spell.

Graitis stood in front of Caerish, a suspicious scowl on his face.

“So where did you capture this fool, anyway? Was he by himself?”

Caerish was about to respond to Graitis in the answers he’d prepared, when the sergeant’s attention was suddenly torn away.  Caerish heard footsteps behind him. A familiar young voice called out in a firm authority, to which Caerish merely closed his eyes in acquiescence.

Poor Lenar was practically shaking in fear.

Tynaul pushed past the startled lord and the terrified young man, rubbing his wrists where the ropes were now falling off his arms. Tynaul stood in front of Graitis just long enough for the sergeant to begin to comprehend just who he was and what was going on.

“Sargeant Graitis, I know you remember me, but let’s just make this official. I am Commander Tynaul Lysis. By His Imperial Majesty’s order I hereby take command of this outpost.” Tynaul took a step forward, looking the tall, brusque sergeant straight in the eye, and saw exactly the moment when Graitis understood the truth. Graitis took a step back, bowed slightly, and then saluted his superior officer in the cross-shoulder Arcanian way.

“These men behind me are the rebel leaders.” Tynaul continued. “Take them into custody immediately. You.” Tynaul pointed to the guard on Graitis’ left side. “Take me to the quartermaster, then to the command tent. Immediately.”

A long, anxious hush fell over the company for a moment as the situation sank in to each and every person present. Suddenly Graitis looked around at his men in frustration.

“Well, don’t just stand there like dung-piles,” he yelled, “get moving!”

More guards appeared from behind the massive sergeant holding chains and manacles. They quickly stripped all three of the stunned men behind Tynaul of their weapons. The scarred one in the back gave them trouble, as he seemed to be refusing to move at all. They had to force his hands behind him at last.

Tynaul turned one last time to look at Caerish and the other two before entering the camp. Kint’s hatred was readily apparent, as was Lenar’s extreme terror. Lord Caerish seemed completely untroubled. His eyes locked onto Tynaul, who was suddenly unable to look back at him. Tynaul turned into the outpost, unable to shake Caerish’s tranquil gaze from his mind.


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Amazon’s Battle With Hachette Book Group Is ‘Terrifying’ For Writers


Well, there is another opinion on what I’m calling The Debacle, this fight between Amazon and Hachette that is STILL dragging on. Ah!
I do worry about the future of writing as a money making career though. If book prices go too far down, one wouldn’t be able to support themselves, much less a family on the earnings. And being a full time author is as tough as any “regular” job, as any author will tell you.
I can imagine the boardrooms at these companies, Amazon and the big publishers. Amazon is telling their executives to hold out and force Hachette to capitulate, because if they do other publishers will follow.
Meanwhile, Hachette and the publishers are looking for some way to go around Amazon’s market dominance to keep books valued at the right place.
What if publishers start offering their books on their own online retail stores?  What would that mean for the indie bookstore that is more essential now than ever? As well as the big chains?
And what does all this mean to authors, old and new?
My biggest fear is that publishers will start taking on fewer and fewer new authors in favor of squeezing more titles out of authors that are already known, beginning a dangerous spiral to a world where there are only few well known authors who make a billion dollars, and a mass of lesser-knowns who can’t make enough off of their craft to survive. When that happens, those authors have less time to work on their craft because they have to resort to other means to make a libing. And then everybody loses.
I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen. I hope it’s being alarmist thinking like that, but the possibility is closer to reality than I’m comfortable with.