Amazon’s Battle With Hachette Book Group Is ‘Terrifying’ For Writers

Well, there is another opinion on what I’m calling The Debacle, this fight between Amazon and Hachette that is STILL dragging on. Ah!
I do worry about the future of writing as a money making career though. If book prices go too far down, one wouldn’t be able to support themselves, much less a family on the earnings. And being a full time author is as tough as any “regular” job, as any author will tell you.
I can imagine the boardrooms at these companies, Amazon and the big publishers. Amazon is telling their executives to hold out and force Hachette to capitulate, because if they do other publishers will follow.
Meanwhile, Hachette and the publishers are looking for some way to go around Amazon’s market dominance to keep books valued at the right place.
What if publishers start offering their books on their own online retail stores?  What would that mean for the indie bookstore that is more essential now than ever? As well as the big chains?
And what does all this mean to authors, old and new?
My biggest fear is that publishers will start taking on fewer and fewer new authors in favor of squeezing more titles out of authors that are already known, beginning a dangerous spiral to a world where there are only few well known authors who make a billion dollars, and a mass of lesser-knowns who can’t make enough off of their craft to survive. When that happens, those authors have less time to work on their craft because they have to resort to other means to make a libing. And then everybody loses.
I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen. I hope it’s being alarmist thinking like that, but the possibility is closer to reality than I’m comfortable with.

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