Fall has Begun

Autumn is upon us, my friends. And with that comes the new TV season. Now, I’m not usually excited about this, for years now there haven’t been that many new shows that got my attention. My favorite genres have tended to get pushed aside in favor of more reality shows. And they just weren’t my thing.

Enter this fall and things have changed. Last night the new show Gotham premiered, about the very same Gotham City Batman will roam in some years later. And after that, we begin the second season of Sleepy Hollow, a modern-day retelling of the classic story.

Gotham was awesome, I thought, right out of the gate. The mood and characters were really established, and it has the makings of being a great show throughout. Right off the bat, we see how Gotham is a corrupt city. A crook takes a cop’s gun, and when said criminal is finally relieved of the weapon, the Gotham PD proceeds to beat the guy. We meet some of the future villains, Osward Cobblepot(Penguin) is working for a criminal, Ed Nygma(Riddler) is some kind of tech consultant for the police. And Salina Kyle(Catwoman) just follows a young Bruce Wayne around. One guy they didn’t mention was the Joker, but there was this one scene. There’s this comedian doing an audition for Fish Mooney, a major criminal; Mooney owns a nightclub. Well, right in the middle of this guy’s act Mooney starts yelling and beating someone, right in front of him. The comedian looks terrified. Anyway, the scene ends and you never see the guy again, but I’m keeping an eye on that. A comedian trying to get a job in a crook’s bar, witnessing brutality, yea I’m keeping an eye on that.

Sleepy Hollow was good too. They pick up right where they left off last season, but I’ll leave that out in case you haven’t seen the show yet. They throw you a curve at the beginning, but stay with them and it gets back on track. Later on, we get Shirtless Horseman. I just said wow, okay. Headless Horseman changing clothes. Alrighty then.

I personally am glad to see more adventure shows coming back, and superhero shows at that. Gotham, plus next week starts Arrow Season 3, the new The Flash series, and tonight begins Agents of Shield season 2. Guess I’m going to get less writing done, but it was time for a break anyway. 🙂

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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton



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