A Preview of Things to Come


Ladies and Gentleman,  introducing a character from one of my latest works. I’ll leave the details for an upcoming post.  As I scrub and polish this latest manuscript, I had to share at least a few paragraphs of this fascinating tale.

Unlike my most of my previous works, this tale is set on Earth, in the distant future. Mankind has lost control of his world, having lost that control to a a race of vampires disaffectionately known as the Lamians. Into this eternal night rides our heroine, Shyene Lucas.

What follows in an excerpt from said story, tentatively entitled “Blood Marriage.”



Shy gunned the engine faster. Steam shot from wide pipes that jutted from the sides of the bike, leaving a white trail like a perfectly straight serpent.
The castle loomed large as the afternoon waned. It seemed empty, devoid of any life at all. The stone was old, cracks so large she could see them at a far distance. The castle’s battlements were empty, no guards in the corner watchtowers. Though Baron Coldmiir was supposedly in hiding from his fellow Lamians, he couldn’t be too worried about being discovered.
Unless of course the guards only came out at night.
Shy was considering this fact as she neared the castle. The old drawbridge was down, open in invitation. The immense, rusty chains attached to the ancient wood were so worn they might have been incapable of raising the broad wooden plank that spanned a long-dry moat.
Shy suddenly put on the brakes, stopping her ride just feet before the bridge. Standing squarely in its center was Zorak Sharn, the vampire’s henchman/bodyguard.
The bike roared once, twice, shouting a challenge to the daunting cyborg. He stood his ground quietly.
At last Shy quieted the machine, stepping boldly off. Her hands went subtly to her hips.

“Greetings.” Zorak’s voice was odd, mechanical yet smooth, with a definite human quality.

Shyene merely nodded.

“Baron Vlen Coldmiir welcomes you to his domain, and his residence. He bids me to accompany you inside. We shall wait there for his arrival, soon after sundown.”

Shyene smiled now.

“Ahh, thanks, but I think I’ll find my own way. Besides, if it’s all the same you, I think I’d rather see him before the sun goes down.”

His human half was easy to read; she was certain he’d grinned at her proposal. His metal half seemed to try it, managing only a strange grimace that made it seem more like pain than amusement.

“I’m afraid I cannot allow that.”

Shy’s fingers were touching the double-ended daggers attached firmly to each hip.

“Sorry to hear that.”

A silvery-white flash sailed toward Zorak. The whirling dagger suddenly bounced away as it neared his neck.
His human right hand held a sword now, procured from the scabbard on his back. Shy had seen the hilt jutting from behind his head, but believed it was little more than an affectation, really. With the death ray in his palm, what would he need with a longsword?
She had just found out.
Her dagger, with a blade sticking out of both ends of the hilt, landed several yards away. Zorak stood still, sword in hand, as if nothing had happened at all.
Shyene smiled. Extending her left hand, Shy flicked a certain nerve in her wrist. This activated a magnet within her glove. The field was tuned to a specific magnetic frequency, one that her weapon alone was attuned too. This way, only the dagger would be affected by the powerful magnet, and it flew back to Shyene’s waiting hand in an instant.
She couldn’t be sure, but she thought the cyborg’s human eyebrow moved.

“Nothin’ against you, Zorak,” Shy began, “but I’m going to get in there. No need to get killed on my account. Just stand aside.”

Zorak shook his head no.

“The baron’s orders were explicit. Stay with you at all times until he arrives.”

Shyene sighed, head hanging for a moment. The opening shot had just been a warning.

“Okay then.”

Two silver lights now raced toward Zorak at exactly the same speed and trajectory. Though it should have been impossible for him to have deflected both of them, he somehow managed to send both of them flying into the air.
It didn’t matter; the move had been a distraction anyway. In the second it took Zorak to defend himself from Shy’s daggers, she’d closed half the distance between them. The deadly weapons returned to her hands as she shot forward, returning to her grip just as she leapt high above the surprised cyborg.
Shy came down hard, intending to drive one of the daggers into his metal skull.

But he’d already stepped back too far.


Well I hope you enjoyed that little piece, there’ll be more to follow.

As always, thanx for reading! 🙂



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See You in the Future,

J S Eaton



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