Monday Nights

Hello friends. So, who here has Netflix? *raises hand* :()

Me too!

One of the great things about Netflix is it allows us to see some of our old favorite shows.  And it’s in that vein that I’m bringing a new post to every Monday!

It’s called a Rewatch, and other websites have done them for shows like Star Trek. But me, I’ll be bringing you a rewatch of another sci-fi classic, the X-Files!

Why that show? Why indeed.

For one thing, I just love it. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson brought those characters to life and interacted in a way that no one has quite matched, at least in my mind. They’re just so fun to watch.

Now most of us who know the show remember the whole alien-consortium plotline, and those were great episodes. But in between those, Mulder and Scully would embark on various investigations and adventures, which to me are among the best shows.

In doing the Rewatch, I’ll recap the episode and give you the highlights, and if there’s a particularly good line from one or both actors, I’ll be sure to repeat it here. Every Monday I’ll put up a new episode, and we’ll start from the the pilot episode all the way to the end. Yea, that’ll take a long time, I know, but I don’t want to promise to do more than that and then not be able to deliver. However, if it looks like I can do more than one a week, I’ll certainly be willing to step it up!

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll start the X-Files adventure all over again! Look forward to seeing you there!

See You in the Future,

J.S. Eaton :/

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