X-Files Rewatch – S1 E3 – Squeeze

Hello and welcome back to our X-Files Rewatch – after a few weeks hiatus. ;/

In this episode, we get the first of many attempts to stretch science(yes that’s a pun) just to where it snaps, and it’s a loud popping sound.

It seems the anatagonist, one Eugene Viktor Tooms, can stretch his body by some strange means they never really explain. But what really captivates about this guy is that if h e eats enough human livers he can hibernate for decades, and not age. I assume that his stretch power somehow comes from the liver-eating as well.

The great character actor Donal Logue is in this third outing as an up-and-coming FBI agent willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top. I thought he played it pretty well. He’s better in Gotham though, but that could just be me.

In this episode, people are being killed but the victims are all seemingly behind closed doors. No one can figure out how the killer is getting in and out. Enter Mulder to make a few astute observations and brilliant deductions.

Scully does her job of keeping Mulder halfway-grounded in reality, all the while having to try and defend her partner’s eccentricities to Donal Logan’s Agent Tom Colton. Dana is still struggling with Mulder’s quirkiness herself, and Gillian Anderson does a great job of showing us that inner conflict.

They do alot of science talk in this one. Mulder does his far-out thing and Scully explains why its just not possible. You can tell the actors haven’t yet gotten into the smooth rhythm they pick up in later seasons, but this is still a great watch.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t find Tooms all that interesting a villain. He came across as little more than a monster, driven solely by the need to feed and sleep. Now, maybe that was the intent. They say he’d been alive for at least a hundred or so years, and maybe longer. It could be that in all that lifetime, he forgot how to be human, and was now simply existing, reduced to little more than basic instincts. If that was the case, the writers and producers didn’t make it abundantly clear. Either that or I was just dissatisfied with the decision.

Now if I’d written that character…(No, we will NOT go there)

I won’t tell you how it ends, but I will say that Mr. Tooms will be back later this season. He’s not much more interesting, but he will have a greater motivation. He’ll hate Mulder. ‘/

See You in the Future,


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