X-Files S1 E5 – The Jersey Devil

Hello and welcome back to another X-Files Rewatch!

Here we are in episode five. A decent enough outing, well-acted and so forth. Probably one of my least favorite of the season, but that by no means reflects on the writing or production values. The story was just, I don’t know, boring. (I hope  I never write like that, though I’m terribly afraid that everything I write is somehow lackluster.)

This one is the first instance of the show taking a real world legend, urban or otherwise, and putting a possible X-Files explanation on it. It’s as plausible as anything, I guess. When you finally found out what the ‘Jersey Devil’ actually is though, you’re so hyped up for something else that the truth is a bit of a letdown. At least that’s the way I felt.

It’s fun watching Duchovny spend this first season finding his way as Mulder. He brings such an  intensity to the role, an intensity that I think he loses in the later seasons.

Scully goes on a date in this episode while Mulder’s out chasing the thing. You can almost see her squirming, that’s how uncomfortable she looks. Great acting by Gillian Anderson.

I’d write more about this one but it wouldn’t be fair to put more into this post than I put into watching this one. :()

To me, it’s one of those episodes you’re glad you watched once, but probably wouldn’t go back and see it again. Unless you were writing a Rewatch column. 🙂

See You in the Future,


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