Blood Marriage – Shyene Released!

Blood Marriage Cover

Greetings Friends and readers! Good news! The first adventure starring Shyene Lucas is now available! Here’s a small excerpt from this thrilling sci-fi adventure.

Shy landed like a cat, ready for another leap.

“I have no wish to do battle,” Zorak’s half-metallic voice said, “and the baron has ordered me not to harm you, but if you persist in this pointless distraction I shall be forced to subdue you.”

A shudder went through her as she considered what he meant by, subdued?

“That’s exactly what you’ll have to do,” she replied defiantly, “or get out of my way. Probably should just stand aside though. I’m not what you’d call ‘easily subdued’.”

Zorak seemed unmoved. His right arm lowered the sword in his hand.

“His majesty the baron has no ill will or intentions toward you. Please accept his invitation.”

Shy narrowed her eyes at the cyborg. Either he didn’t know his master very well or he was just a terrible liar.

“Sorry friend, but it’s my invitation the baron will accept. An invitation to hell!”

The daggers shot forward again, this time one flew high while the other dived low. No way even a cyborg could deflect them this time.

And yet he did. In a move so fast the eye barely caught it, the steel and silver weapons went sailing across the yard.

Again, Shyene took advantage of the diversion.

She closed the distance, a third dagger in her hand, this one longer and shinier than the two she wore at her sides. Suddenly she was within striking distance of him.

And then suddenly she wasn’t.

He’d actually only seen her closing just in time to raise his left arm. A half-second later and he’d have been too late, that long dagger would be stuck in what was left of his heart.

As it was, an invisible, compressed wave of sound suddenly blew from his outstretched palm. At such close range, Shyene took the full force of the blow, sending her back nearly twenty yards.

Twisting around at the last possible second, Shy landed on her feet, hands open. The daggers flew through the air, returning to their master.

She was ready for the next round.

The opponent’s squared off.

Shyene carefully gauged him now.

He seemed almost uninterested.

“Last chance.” She said uttered softly.

When Zorak failed to respond, Shy struck again. The daggers flew this time in a wide arc, circling down toward her foe. In an instant she was on him.

But instead of a dagger, she pulled her weapon of last resort. The solid grip of the pistol she kept behind her back filled her hand as she brought it forward, to fire at nearly point-blank range.

Zorak’s metal arm grabbed the barrel just as Shy brought it to bear, pointing it up and over his shoulder.  She heard her daggers hit the mark, one thumping into the flesh of his right shoulder while the other clinked into his metallic arm. Neither seemed to slow him down in the slightest.

Shy pulled the trigger, hoping the blast might throw him off-balance enough for her to get in a final attack. The pistol roared, Zorak held firm. Shy reached with her other hand to withdraw her last weapon, the silver long-dagger.


Blood Marriage is more than a sci-fi adventure though. It is a character study into the life of a strong young woman whose past casts a long shadow over her soul. Though her quest for vengeance against the vampire overlords drives her ever onward, she can never outrun her personal demons.

Blood Marriage is available today on Amazon, both in paperback and Kindle formats: links below

Amazon Paperback: Blood Marriage

Amazon Kindle: Blood Marriage

Hop over and try a chapter!


See You in the Future,




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