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Greetings Readers!

Well Shyene’s out, and I hope everyone is enjoying her story. After having finished, I’m sure you’ll have at least one one burning  question in mind, perhaps two. The answer to both is yes. There will be a sequel, and I am working on it right now. When it will be ready, well I can’t answer that yet.

As noted in the forward to that work, when I first came up with the idea it was going to be a sprawling post-apocalyptic sci-fi political thriller with vampires. But the more I delved into Shyene’s character, who was always going to be a starring player along with several others, the more I became, enamored, with her. I felt she deserved more backstory, and I was finding it difficult to put all that into this huge epic. I was afraid the larger story might drown out Shyene’s part, and, I didn’t want all her baggage slowing the main story. So, I made the decision to just tell her side, and set it just before the bigger plot.

Will one need to have read Blood Marriage to understand the next story. No. But it will give the reader much more insight into Shyene’s motivations; why she hates the vampires so much and why she’ll go to such lengths to bring them down.

But, that’s later. How much later, I really don’t know. When I do, you dear readers will be the first to know.

I know lately there’s been a dry spell in my postings, both here and on Tales of Aeonith. This owes mostly to my situation in lifet. I am now in a better place, both physically and emotionally, to continue that work which gladdens my heart most. Writing! So there’ll be more to come soon. Hooray 🙂

In lieu of that, keep your eyes here for a short story I wrote a while back. It’s not an Aeonith tale, so I don’t want to put it there, so the Night Castle seems the logical choice.

Anyway, that’s all for now, so take care and as always, thanks for reading.

See You in the Future,




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