No Bad Deed – A Short Story

Greetings friends and readers. As promised, what follows is a short story I wrote sometime back. As you’ll note, the story has an introduction that may sound familiar to some. A closer inspection will reveal from whence the inspiration for this story came. If you can guess it, please leave a comment. I’ll let you know in a future post who was right 🙂

Anywho, without further adieu, here is No Bad Deed


Sitting at the table, top hat in hand and linen bag by his feet, is Mr. Fineus T Barlow.

It is 1865, and a terrible Civil War has just ended.

Mister Barlow and compatriot are sitting ‘round and discussing financial opportunities presented by the end of the terrible and destructive war.

Mister Barlow is a salesman, though his goods-in-trade are not made of wood, metal, leather, or cloth. Mister Barlow trades in lies, scams, and broken dreams, making a living off those who are too poor, depressed, or downtrodden to see exactly what a poor salesman Mister Barlow actually is.

Like most of his ilk, Mr. Barlow believes he’s checked his conscience at the door.

But he’ll soon find that the little voice cannot be silenced utterly. And that all things do not stay equal.






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J S Eaton


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