Love Wants Not

Love wants not, it freely gives

In the soul of charity, does it live

Ne’er will it demand, nor make a claim

Love always gives, but not in vain

Love wants not, to be undone

It seeks to last, as the burning sun

To endure the road of life together

Love wants to be, to last, forever

Love wants not to abandon thee

Will follow over land and sea

Love wants to grasp and never let go

It’s warm embrace, freely bestowed

Love wants not to walk alone

To stand as just the only one

Love wants a partner, tried and true

Who’s proud to say, just me and you

Love wants not to see you cry

In sadness left, to wonder why

Love wants to see your eyes turn bright

As a great full moon on a cloudless night

Love holds us together, keeps us whole

Without, what good is our immortal soul

To spend eternity void of hope

Alone, adrift, with nothing of note

Love wants not to be fettered down

Tightly gripped, chained to the ground

Love must be free, like the sky above

To soar like as a pure, and gentle dove

Love wants to see your beauty true

The in, the out, the really you

Love makes no judgment, wrong nor right

Love sincerely accepts, from morn ’til night

Love truly is our greatest treasure

A swell of emotion that has no measure

No precious jewel, or golden mountain

Could be worth more then true love’s fountain

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